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Guided Meditations

A simple way to start your daily practice.

We invite you to begin with three foundational practices found in Buddhism: Shamata (mindfulness), Tonglen (compassion), and Clearing the Stale Energies (breath practice), and then bring these meditations together into Round Robin (bringing it all together), a short sequence that can be practiced daily.

Lama Tsomo helps you get started by guiding you through each practice below that takes ten minutes or less.

We encourage you to bookmark this page to store it in a handy place for easy reference.

The Four Foundational Practices


Shamata (mindfulness)

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Tonglen (compassion)

Clearing stale energies

Clearing the Stale Energies (breath)

Round Robin

Round Robin (bringing it all together)


Shamata, which means “peaceful abiding,” is the practice of letting your mind rest by focusing on one thing. It’s an easy and foundational meditation practice, like taking a mini-vacation.


Body Scan Guided Meditation

This guided audio track is a great way to sink into a longer meditation session. Don’t worry if you aren’t even sure how to meditate, simply get comfortable in a seated position on the floor or in a chair, and follow Lama Tsomo’s instructions. This is also perfect track for relaxing your mind and body to help you rest, recover, or get grounded before another meditation.



Tonglen calms the mind and increases our empathy. By bringing our attention to our own suffering and that of others, shifting it to compassion, we are more present and connected.


Clearing the Stale Energies

“Clearing the Stale Energies” is a breath practice that helps clear the mind and kickstart your meditation practice. It focuses on expelling negative energies and welcoming positive ones as you settle in to practice.


Round Robin

Round Robin is a way to weave together the three core meditations to create a complete daily practice. It includes mindfulness, compassion, and clearing the stale energies, each done in five-minute increments.