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Deepening Your Practice

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If you have an established meditation practice and are interested in Tibetan Buddhism, we have a range of in-person and online offerings taught by Tibetan Buddhist and Western masters. Teachings are in the Namchak lineage, a branch of the Nyingma tradition, and can take you from the beginning of your journey all the way through a three-year retreat and beyond.

Upcoming Events

6:30 pm

Vipassana Retreat: Exploring Mindfulness of Thought

Join Namchak Khen Rinpoche for an intimate weekend meditation retreat focused on the simple, time-tested practice of insight meditation or Vipassana. If mindfulness meditation (or Shamata) is like mowing down the weeds as they crop up in our minds, we can use insight meditation (Vipassana) to pull them out by the roots. We do this by penetrating through the appearances of things, to the essential nature of the outer world we’re perceiving, and the essential nature of the perceiver—ourselves.

Spend your weekend learn this time honored and scientifically proven technique to gain real freedom by stepping ever more into your true self. 


April 10-12

Friday: 6:30 – 9pm 

Saturday 10am – 5pm 

Sunday 10am – 5pm 

What to expect from this meditation retreat:

  • Guided meditations  
  • An Examination of The Why & The What of Vipassana Meditation 
  • Techniques to incorporate meditation practices into everyday life
  • Continued support and guidance from Lama Tsomo following the conclusion of the retreat.


Our intention is to make this workshop accessible to all. Please choose the tuition amount that works for you. If the program costs present a financial barrier or you are interested in a stipend to offset the cost of childcare, please contact

Note: Beverages and snacks will be provided, lunches will be on your own. There will be ample time to leave the premises to eat lunch nearby.

About the teachers

Khen Rinpoche completed the study of all the Indian Buddhist philosophical traditions and the Nyingma School of Tibetan Buddhism under numerous great teachers. He also completed the nine years of rigorous training and served at the Namdroling monastery for several years. Enthroned as Khenpo by HH Penor Rinpoche, he taught at the Shedras of Ringo Tulku and Shechen Monastery for many years, as was instructed. Khen Rinpoche strictly abides by his precepts in everyday life and is diligent in his practice. He visits and teaches a variety of places around the world, including the Namchak Foundation and the Namchak Retreat Ranch, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and other locations. While in the U.S., he resides and meditates at the Garden of One Thousand Buddhas in Arlee, Montana.

Cultivate your meditation practice

Live Talks

Learn from Lama Tsomo and ask questions.

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Learning Circles

Join or start a circle to deepen your practice and create genuine community.

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Looking for a quick perspective shift?

Try our new mini-eCouse on Mind Training.

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Ancient Wisdom Engaged (AWE)

This two-year, non-residential study program offers an introduction to the Vajrayana path of Tibetan Buddhism and to a unique form of personal leadership.

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In-person opportunities for practice and immersion

Retreat Ranch

Montana retreat ranch opens (2023)
The best way to learn a new language is total immersion; the best way to make new habits of mind is also total immersion. Retreat allows that. Namchak Retreat Ranch will open in 2023.

Our Teachers

Student summer program (2023)
Designed for all ages, this program will offer an immersive experience at our Montana retreat ranch. Each summer two, four-week sessions will be offered, with each day including meditation, work on the land, and practice with our teachers.

Workshops and trainings

Three-year retreat (2025)
Beginning in 2025, we will offer three-year residential retreat at our Montana retreat ranch. Practitioners who have completed the Ngöndro and our two-year Ancient Wisdom Engaged program will be eligible to apply. For more information please contact...