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Taking some inspiration from the Buddha himself, let’s enrich our practice with a little springtime mix-up.
Published on May 30 3:23 pm

Let’s talk about projection. Not the old way our grandparents used to watch movies, but the way we tend to project our insecurities on those close to us, often seriously damaging our relationships. It’s fairly easy to know when someone is projecting on us. Most likely we feel as though we have been grossly misinterpreted, or that someone’s created a story about us that is completely false.

Published on May 23 5:11 pm
The experiential approach of Buddhist learning places real value on our personal understanding of the world, our inner voice. This can seem daunting. How can we ensure that our inner voice is wise?
Published on May 16 7:37 pm
Student Carly McCarthy reflects on her experience at Lama Tsomo’s True Connection Retreat in Oakland, CA.
Published on May 09 3:11 pm
This week’s blog is written by a Namchak Learning Circle member and meditator who is doing his best to keep a calm and balanced mind.
Published on May 02 4:05 pm
Our inherent desire to predict and control our world brings us in direct conflict with the impermanent nature of all things. The answer seems to lie in resiliency, namely the ability to adapt to, and even welcome, adversity.
Published on Apr 25 2:36 pm
It wasn’t until my thirties that I started to explore Buddhism. On a bone-deep level, Buddhism simply made sense. In terms of my anxiety, I was no longer alone.
Published on Apr 18 4:57 pm
Spring is traditionally associated with birth and renewal, a welcome freedom after the challenges of winter. This lightening of spirit urges us to embark on new projects, including our own personal aspirations. What do we want to achieve? How do we want to move through the world?
Published on Apr 11 4:00 pm
Namchak community member, Joe Previte, shares his journey with meditation and his path to the Namchak community.
Published on Apr 04 5:23 pm
Courage – it’s not just a word to describe people who commit to larger-than-life acts of bravery. We can turn the lens of courage on ourselves by reframing not only how we define it, but also how we cultivate it. Since meditation allows us to come to self, it can create an inner resiliency that allows us to be more courageous.
Published on Mar 28 3:00 pm