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Three reasons why you may want to consider a Learning Circle as a way to strengthen your practice.
Published on Dec 06 4:11 pm
Gratitude. We hear about it all the time in social media and from our friends and colleagues. But with our minds so focused ….
Published on Nov 22 10:27 am
Everyone deals with difficult people in their lives – teachers, colleagues, bosses…even friends and family. With so much practice, one would think dealing with the unpleasant encounters would become easier….
Published on Nov 15 6:02 pm
Meditation has the power to change your brain from the better, physically!
Published on Nov 08 5:57 pm
The Buddha saw that we’re all different, with different capacities and styles, so he didn’t lay out just one path for everybody.
Published on Oct 18 3:19 pm
Let’s face it, modern life can be difficult.
Published on Oct 11 9:11 am
Neuroscience research shows that when the brain is trained with meditation practices that our habits become a little bit different
Published on Oct 04 12:04 pm
In Tibetan Buddhist practice, the word “Sangha” refers to the community of people that …
Published on Sep 27 6:55 pm
Meditation helps our brains to develop the right “muscles”…
Published on Sep 20 6:01 pm
Each of us has a unique gift to bring the world and we aren’t going to be satisfied if…
Published on Sep 13 7:30 pm